Understanding Insurance in Strata Schemes
Strata Insurance Perth

Ever wondered what role your Strata Manager plays when it comes to your strata insurance? Insurance is a very important part of owning in a strata complex and under the Strata Titles Act 1985 (WA), is legally required in Western Australia.
In most cases, your Strata Manager will work in unison with an Insurance Broker to help you with everything from claims, renewals and valuations.

We’ve created an easy guide to help you navigate your way through ‘Who does what when it comes to insurance’. This guide will give you a clear understanding of who to contact (and for what) when it comes to insurance at your property.

Insured Property insurance is mandatory but still misunderstood. Strata policies usually include most elements of your property, but many vary in benefits and how they apply when you make a claim. You must be familiar with your insurance policy. It’s not until you’re forced to make a claim that you realise there are gaps in your cover.

PSC Property Lync Insurance Brokers

Insurance Claims

  • Engaging ongoing claim management
  • Liaising with contractors to obtain quotes for proposed insurance repair work
  • Instructing contractors to undertake approved insurance work following acceptance of a claim
  • Supply relevant client disclosure info to Insurers when there is a non-property claim (i.e Public Liability)
  • Undertake activities involved in loss mitigation
  • Forwarding contractor quotes and queries to Insurers
  • Receiving and forwarding invoices for approved insurance works to Insurer as required
  • Provide assistance required for non-property insurance claim
  • Liaising with Loss Adjusters
  • Receiving and processing the Insurers acceptance or rejection of the claim
  • Receiving and receipting payment from Insurers and paying the contractors
  • Advising or guiding clients regarding whether or not to make a claim
  • Lodging complex/major or non-routine claims
  • Assessing Lot Owner enquiries about Policy coverage for loss or damage
  • Lodging routine claims relating to common property on behalf of the client


  • Seek instruction to obtain an insurance valuation
  • Liaise with valuer regarding valuation requirements and organise access for the valuer
  • Provide a copy of the valuation to the Broker or Insurer
  • Prepare a motion to engage a valuer
  • Review insurance valuation and provide a copy to the Committee
  • Liaise with preferred Insurance Broker or alternative Brokers to arrange insurance renewal terms
  • Circulate renewal options to the Committee on receipt from the Broker and instruct the Broker when the Committee have made their acceptance known
  • Facilitate queries between the Committee and the Broker


  • Make insurance documents available for interested parties to inspect
  • Provide Certificate of Currency for Insurance, when requested
  • Maintain a register of Insurance claims and maintain insurance documents on client records

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