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Strata Emergencies

Emergencies are generally any situation that compromises the safety and wellbeing of a resident or visitor at the property. It’s important that residents are familiar with our emergency procedures and understand what is and isn’t an emergency.

We operate a 24/7 emergency line, which is available to any resident that has a genuine strata emergency. To access that line, please call our office number on:

(08) 9472 1833

Please listen to our voicemail for further details.

If you are renting, you will need to contact your Property Manager and relevant emergency services. Unfortunately we are not authorised to liaise with tenants.

Water Emergency Richardson Strata Management

What IS classed as an emergency?


An electrical emergency is any situation involving electricity where people could get hurt. This could be from an electrical fire or electrocution. A power blackout to your individual unit or apartment is NOT considered an emergency. If the power is out for the entire property, please contact our after-hours number.

For electrical emergencies, please contact our after-hours number (08 9472 1833).


Plumbing emergencies could be ruptured/burst pipes, gas leaks, loss of toilet facilities, sewer blockages, blocked storm water drains and burst hot water systems.

For gas leaks, please urgently call Alinta on 131 358 and notify our after-hours number (08 9472 1833).

To check for water outages in your area, please call Water Corp on 131 375 or
click here.


Elevator emergencies include people being stuck in a lift, when none of the elevators in the building are operational or when there is any sort of hazard within the lift that could compromise the safety of the residents. Please remember to NEVER use the elevator in the event of fire.

If someone is trapped in a lift, please call our after-hours number (08 9472 1833). If you are stuck in a lift, please push the emergency button inside the lift to be put straight through to the elevator company, who can assist you.


If you're unable to enter or exit your property from the common areas, you can contact us on our after-hours number. If you are having access issues to your individual unit or apartment, please contact a locksmith.

For common area access issues, please contact us on (08) 9472 1833.


Any serious damage that has been a result of a fire or storm, please contact our after-hours number (08 9472 1833).

For fire emergencies, please always call 000 prior to calling us. For storm emergencies, please call the SES 132 500 and then notify us.


If your property has a car stacker and the system malfunctions, impeding access to your vehicle, this would be considered an after-hours emergency.


Please contact us on
(08) 9472 1833.


Any broken glass that compromises the safety of the residents or poses a security risk, should be reported to our after-hours number. For other issues like cracked glass, please contact us within business hours.

Please contact us on
(08) 9472 1833.

What ISN'T classed as an emergency?


Whilst this can be frustrating, noise complaints are not considered an emergency. Please put all noise complaints in writing to [email protected].

You can report noise disturbances to Police on 131 444.


Please contact the Police on 131 444 and notify us via email: [email protected].

Please report to Police on 131 444.


If you have lost or had your key to your unit or apartment stolen, unfortunately we do not hold individual apartment/unit keys. You will need to contact a locksmith. If you're renting, please contact your Property Manager.


Please contact us within business hours.


Please contact a plumber if you cannot isolate the water or contact us within business hours.


Please visit the below link for information on how to report various property disturbances.

Please note:

  • If the after-hours issue is not relating to the common areas of the property, the Lot Owner may incur the contactor costs.
  • Costs associated with after-hours tradesmen and contractors may be incurred by the Strata Company or Lot Owner.
  • Please always contact us to arrange any common property works. We utilise contractors that are familiar with your property and have been approved by the Strata Company.