Mould and Condensation in Apartments

mould and condensation richardson strata

Preventing mould:

Condensation on your window panes is a clear indicator that your home has excessive moisture in the atmosphere and this creates the perfect living conditions for mould. Mould will only grow in poorly ventilated and damp areas.

What causes excessive moisture?

Lack of proper ventilation from cooking, washing, clothes dryers, hair dryers and more.


mould and condensation


All drying appliances should vent externally, in addition to ensuring a window is open during use.


After a shower or bath, properly ventilate the room via dispersing the steam outside of the house and not allowing it to migrate to other rooms. Open a window and close the bathroom door to ensure proper ventilation. If you have an extractor fan, this needs to be switched on during showering/bathing and left on after. Ensure you clean up puddles of water as they can cause more moisture.


When cooking, keep windows open and if you have an internal door to your kitchen, keep that closed. Always ensure your range-hood fan is on.


Purchasing a dehumidifier (capsule box) from Bunnings is inexpensive and an effective way to reduce moisture in a small space like a wardrobe. Alternatively, you can purchase an electric dehumidifier unit which is effective for bigger spaces. Click the link below for more info
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Who is responsible for mould in Strata?


If the apartment is a rental unit, the property owner, or acting property manager may be responsible for fixing the mould problem to ensure that their tenant resides in a healthy, mould-free environment. However, if the mould is the result of the tenant’s inactions such as not using exhaust fans or not opening windows/doors for airflow, the tenant may be liable to compensate the property owner for damage.


Common property boundaries of an apartment are generally defined by the floor surface area and the boundary walls. If mould is found outside of these boundaries, the strata scheme may be responsible for these repairs and the mould remediation costs. If the cause of the mould is within the lot boundaries, the lot owner may be responsible for repairs and the costs associated with that.


In strata title properties the person responsible will depend on where the mould is located and what is causing it, which can sometimes be challenging. Generally, the apartment owner is responsible for removing the mould inside the apartment.