Do not flush wet wipes down toilet

Why Flushable Wet Wipes Aren’t Actually Flushable…

As much as the Marketing may say otherwise, flushable wipes are not made for our sewer systems, and this is because they take much longer to disintegrate than toilet paper does. During the time it takes for the wet wipe to disintegrate, it has already accumulate fats, bacteria and other waste matter that form large clumps which can eventually clog pipes and wastewater systems, resulting in expensive repairs.

In addition to wet wipes, Our pipes are also not made for non-flushable items like band aids, cotton buds, and other objects that find their way into the wastewater system.

Apartment Buildings and Flushable Wet Wipes

Unlike toilet paper, wet wipes do not easily break down, causing blockages in sewage pipes, particularly in high-rise apartment buildings.

Clearing these blockages incurs significant plumbing expenses, exacerbated by the difficulty in accessing drainage systems in apartment buildings.

With more people working from home, the risk of plumbing issues and sewage spills increases. As these problems affect the entire community, these cost for repairs falls on the Strata Company (all of the Lot Owners of the Apartment Building).

What not to flush down the toilet

Band Aid, Bandaid, Bandage Don't Flush Strata Management Perth
Band Aids
Don't Flush Cotton Buds or Q tips Down the Toilet. Strata Perth
Cotton Buds / Q Tips
Don't Flush Wet Wipes Down The Toilet. Perth Strata
Wet Wipes (even flushable ones)
Don't Flush Nappies. Perth Strata
Nappies / Sanitary Items
Don't Flush Dental Floss Down Toilet. Perth Strata
Dental Floss
Wiping hand with wet wipe

Why wipes aren't really Flushable

Let’s talk about flushable wipes! They’re supposed to go down the drain and break apart in the sewer, but many don’t. Despite being labelled as flushable, most wipes cause trouble because they don’t break down properly, especially when used in large quantities. So, remember, it’s not just about going down the drain; it’s about how they behave in the sewage system!

Moist flushable wipes, also dubbed wet toilet tissue, are pre-moistened cloths imbued with a cleansing formula. Tailored for gentle and efficient post-toilet cleansing, they offer a convenient alternative to traditional toilet paper.

Though these qualities are commendable, the real puzzle lies in determining what truly earns the label “flushable.”

The inception of flushable wipes stemmed from concerns over regular wipes causing blockages in sewage systems. Designed as a remedy to this issue, these wipes enable users to reap the advantages of wipes without risking toilet clogs.

What happens when my pipes become blocked?

Just because something claims it’s flushable doesn’t mean it actually disappears! While the packaging of flushable wipes may boast promises like “designed to dissolve and disintegrate” or “break up like toilet paper,” the folks in the wastewater industry and our trusty plumbers have a different tale to tell. Make sure to get in contact with your strata management company so they can get a plumber in to fix the problem ASAP!

Wet pipe stuck in sewer pump

Image of Sewer Pump blocked by wet wipes supplied by Banham’s WA

What Happens When Wet Wipes Affect Your Pipes or Sewer Systems?

Over time, accumulation occurs, hindering water flow and leading to blockages in drains. If you suspect a blocked pipe in your building, reach out to us, your Strata Management company, promptly. We’ll arrange for a plumber to address the problem. Unfortunately the repairs for these types of issues can be quite costly. Below are some examples but each situation is different and may not be a straight-forward fix.

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One possible course of action is to completely remove and replace the pipes, albeit the most costly option. However, it underscores the gravity of the issue—highlighting how flushing anything other than toilet paper can significantly harm our pipes.

Most Expensive Price
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An effective approach to maintenance involves relining and descaling waste pipes, offering a potentially more permanent yet partial solution. This method stands as the optimal choice, likened to firing all wet wipes out of a cannon for comprehensive cleanliness.

Medium Expensive Price
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Pipe jetting serves as a temporary fix, requiring regular repetition to maintain smooth pipe flow, particularly if non-flushable items are mistakenly introduced.

Least Expensive Price